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Who we are

The two of us are the refuges of the Malga di Mezzo, a small corner of paradise nestled in the Val d'Avio, in Valle Camonica, Brescia province.

A dream come true

Both passionate about the mountains and with a deep love for nature, we decided to move from the Po Valley to manage an alpine refuge in the Camonica Valley. Here we feel free and happyand there is nothing that makes us more satisfied than sharing this passion with others.

Living at altitude brings with it a unique range of sensations and experiences.

The fresh, clean air fills us with energy and vitality, promoting a general sense of well-being. The breathtaking view of 'His Majesty Adamello' and the surrounding peaks make us feel part of something bigger and more majestic.

However, living at high altitudes can also be a challenge, especially with regard to weather conditions that are often unpredictable, as well as the various logistical problems that we have to deal with and suddenly solve.... but "the art of making do', adaptation and problem solving are part of us!

This allows us to live connected to nature in a deep and meaningful way.

The mountain out of the Midst: a refuge for all

In 2023, after much effort and sacrifice, our dream finally came true: we opened the Malga di Mezzo! Our hut is a cosy, family-friendly place, where we care about making everyone feel at ease. We offer a warm and relaxing atmosphere and refreshment with genuine dishes prepared with traditional ingredients. The Malga di Mezzo is located in a strategic position, at an intermediate point of the SENTIERO N.601 "ALTA VIA DELL'ADAMELLO" (ALTA VIA DELL'ADAMELLO) (Ex N.1), the suggestive 85 km long trekking route. Numerous hikes and itineraries depart from our refuge, with breathtaking views that allow you to experience the mountains in an engaging way. If you are looking for a suggestive place to spend time in the mountains, the Malga di Mezzo is the ideal destination.


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